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Gone are days when branding was just about logo design and business name generators. Today, branding is more about how customers perceive your brand. It’s something unseen that resides in customers’ minds. And in today’s business environment where both small and large businesses are hard at work to stay on top, it’s pretty hard to build your brand to get recognition by your target audience. However, with the expansion of technology, there are innovative businesses branding tools that can help you fortify your rand. Let’s look at them:

Go Fish Digital is one of the best business branding tools out there

In today’s business environment, the customer's voice is stronger. Your marketing campaigns can drive a ton of traffic to your website. However, the vast majority of that traffic won’t buy. They are curious about your products and services. But, those customers who take the time to read product reviews have the greatest possibilities of buying products and services. So, for your brand to attract a lot of sales, it must have a ton of positive reviews online. That’s why you must always check to see what customers are saying about your brand.

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It’s very hard to find what customers are saying about your brand, considering the millions of websites available online today. Luckily, there is a tool called Go Fish Digital that can help you along that line. Go Fish Digital helps you search all the complaint websites at a go. The superior search box on the tool’s homepage performs a Google search on more than 40 complaint websites. A simple Google search may not yield information about what your audience is saying about your brand; which is why Go Fish Digital comes in handy.

Naymz is among the best business branding tools to enhance your reputation on social media

Social media is a compelling platform to fortify your brand. That's why you must ensure that your reputation on those platforms is great. However, it's next to impossible to find all the conversations that have occurred or are going on about your brand on social media. Luckily, there is a tool that can track those conversations for you. Naymz helps pinpoint the location of all conversations that can negatively impact your brand on social media. Specifically, it calculates your influence on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This tool can help you compare your business with other businesses, members and influencers to initiate measures to fortify your brand.

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BrandsEye business branding tools

BrandsEye is pitched as a sentiment analysis tool.  Customer sentiment about your brand can impact its growth. If consumer sentiment about your brand is low, it means your products and services are not offering value and vice versa. BrandsEye helps you get accurate consumer sentiments about your brand on social media. It mines insights on related topics, conversations, and tweets without you having to scour social media pages to find this information. This tool goes above social monitoring. It brings you useful and actionable data that you can use to strengthen your brand reputation online.

Productivity challenge timer is one of the best business branding tools to accomplish business tasks

Sometimes, business tasks are so overwhelming that we put others aside to start or complete another. Essentially, it can be hard to focus and complete one task before you move to the next. The productivity challenge timer app helps you stay focused and complete important tasks first. It comes with an easy user interface and fun graphics to help you focus on your day-to-day tasks.


The aim of starting a business is to make massive profits. That is not going to happen if your brand’s reputation is not up to the mark and your systems are not working efficiently. You can take advantage of the business branding tools highlighted above to set your business on the right path to success.